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Indian Academy of Highway Engineers (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways), working in collaboration with Medulla Soft Technologies Pvt Ltd


New Delhi

New Delhi: citywide hybrid model




Evaluation and optimization of highways in New Delhi, using simulation analysis within a citywide model. The study focused on the key radial National Highways, which carry heavy volumes and are the conduits for inter-city traffic.


Hybrid simulations within Aimsun Next identify bottlenecks and evaluate solutions. To better reflect conditions in New Delhi, the model incorporates a wide range of vehicle types, and a specially adapted version of the microsimulator can include non-lane-based behavior.


The National Capital Territory of Delhi incorporates a population of some 18 million, increasing use of private vehicles, and a wide mix of types of traffic, from trucks to cars, two-wheelers, autorickshaws and cycle rickshaws. This presents some unique challenges to the development of a transport model.


With the population expected to reach 24 million by 2021, much development is planned and significant infrastructure works are already underway. There is a clear need for a model with which to evaluate proposals.


The road network was built starting from an import of OpenStreetMap data. Origin-destination patterns were established from survey data, which was expanded using data from the extensive program of traffic counts. Developing a hybrid model allows inclusion of detailed microsimulation pockets in areas of particular interest whilst still taking into account wider re-routing.


The model defines a wide range of vehicle types so that their differing characteristics (acceleration, length, maximum speed, width, etc.) can be taken into account.


In order to further adapt the model to Indian conditions, a customized version of the Aimsun microsimulator enabled modeling of non-lane-based behavior: rather than being restricted to one vehicle per lane as in traditional microsimulation, vehicles in the simulation use the road space based on the speed and position of other vehicles, the road width available and their own characteristics.


Using these techniques, the adaptability of Aimsun Next allowed simulation of Indian conditions within the context of a citywide hybrid model.

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