Research Papers

A selection of recently published academic papers on various aspects of the Aimsun Live decision support system for real-time traffic management.

If you would like us to add your own research to this list, please contact with a link to your published abstract.


Authors: Rafael Mena-Yedra (Aimsun, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), Jordi Casas (Aimsun) , Ricard Gavalda (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

Source: International Symposium of Transport Simulation (ISTS’18), and the International Workshop on Traffic Data Collection and its Standardization (IWTDCS’18)

Authors: Tamara Djukicª, David Masipª, Jordi Casasª, Martijn Breenª, Josep Perarnauª, (ª Aimsun)

Source: Proceedings of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 97th Annual Meeting 2018


Authors: J Robert (SPIE), C Montano (SPIE)

Source: 12th ITS European Congress, Strasbourg, France, 19-22 June 2017


Authors: E Bert (TSS), J Coldefy (Grand Lyon), C Montano (SPIE)

Source: [TEC 227] juillet-septembre 2015

Authors: F Dion (California PATH), A Skabardonis (California PATH)

Source: California PATH Research Report, UCB-ITS-PRR-2015-03


Authors: P Thompson (SANDAG), M Juckes (TSS), A Torday (TSS)

Source: 21st ITS World Congress Conference Proceedings, Detroit

Authors: J Casas (TSS), A Torday (TSS), J Perarnau (TSS), M Breen (TSS), A Ruiz de Villa (TSS)

Source: Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2014 Proceedings, Paris

Authors: E Bert (TSS), A Torday (TSS)

Source: Congrès ATEC ITS France 2014 : Les Rencontres de la Mobilité Intelligente, Paris


Authors: A Ruiz de Villa (TSS), J Casas (TSS), A Torday (TSS), M Breen (TSS), J Perarnau (TSS)

Source: Transport and the new world city: 36th Australasian Transport Research Forum (ATRF), Brisbane

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