Aimsun 8.0.2 is out!

We are delighted to announce that the latest version of Aimsun, 8.0.2, is now ready for download.

Those of you with an SUS valid in November 2013 can immediately enjoy the following Fast Track additions:

  • You can use public transport preemption in mescoscopic models.
  • You can now import OpenStreetMap 3D information.
  • You can define ‘Speed Change’ traffic management actions for dynamic simulators for all the sections belonging to a road type or for all the sections in a grouping with just one action.
  • In dynamic and macroscopic experiments you can now define one script to run automatically before running the experiment and a second script after running the experiment.
  • A new model in the microscopic simulator allows you to model two-way overtaking in sections with one lane per direction (currently in alpha mode for testing purposes – we’ll look forward to your feedback on this one!)

Other enhancements include the following:

  • New outputs for groupings: calculation of the mean, sum and weighted mean values.
  • Microscopic simulation vehicles have additional attributes that you can use in View Styles to help calibrate your model.
  • New API functions to obtain node outputs and to add Legion pedestrians.
  • The FZP exporter now includes z-axis coordinates (altitude information).
  • Traffic lights in 3D look better and are correctly located after the intersection.

Modifications and improvements:

  • Default cooperation values for micro experiments are now set to 80%.
  • We have changed the default microscopic experiment parameters: Simulation Step: 0.8, Reaction Time Stop: 1,2 and Reaction Time Traffic Light: 1,6.
  • We have improved the mesoscopic give-way model.
  • We have enhanced how treatment of multiple traffic management actions affects the same location in the dynamic models.
  • You can export a network and microsimulation vehicles as a 3DS or OBJ using the Export Network as a 3D File option.
  • 8.0.2 now allows you to simulate a mesoscopic simulation with actuated control (depending on your SUS).

Please note that to use Aimsun 8.0.2 your Software Upgrade Subscription (SUS) must have been valid on or after January 2013.

We wish you all the best with Aimsun 8.0.2!

A new model in the microscopic simulator allows you to model two-way overtaking

Ripoll, Catalonia: OpenStreetMap 3D info can now be imported for more detailed rendering

London, UK: With Aimsun you can now create buildings with differing heights using information from OpenStreetMap, giving urban areas a much more realistic look in the 3D view.