Aimsun 7.0.1 is out!

Good news for Aimsun users! We have released Aimsun 7.0.1 and the new version is ready for download.

This update improves Aimsun’s overall stability and performance. We have addressed open issues in the microscopic, mesoscopic and hybrid simulators and the assignment model, and we have also sharpened up the user interface and resolved any crashes you have told us about.

You’ll notice optimisations such as increased simulation speed, faster viewing when working with large networks and reduced memory consumption when calculating a traversal matrix.

We have also added scripting functions for the hybrid simulator and the ability to simulate pedestrians with Legion during the warm-up period.

In addition, we have implemented the following specific fixes:

  • Revisions: Now revisions only include objects that have changed
  • The hybrid simulator now works correctly with adaptive control inside microsimulated areas
  • Several issues solved with Synchro exporter, FZP exporter, Emme importer and VISSIM importer
  • Microsimulator API: Code corresponding to the AAPIEnterVehicle andAAPIExitVehicle functions is now correctly executed

Please note that you will NOT be able to use Aimsun 7.0 Final Release to open networks saved in Aimsun 7.0.1.

For further information please contact

Flow/Density view mode in a meso-micro hybrid simulation (zoom in).

Speed and Speed by Lane view mode (zoom in).