ACDSS wins ITS-NY Project Award for Traffic Control

Congratulations to the team behind the Adaptive Control Decision Support System (ACDSS) project! ACDSS won the title of Outstanding Project of the Year in Traffic Control Systems at ITS-New York’s 18th Annual Meeting and Technology Exhibition in Saratoga Springs, NY.

One of the world’s most advanced traffic signal systems, ACDSS was developed by KLD Associates, Inc for the New York City DoT in collaboration with TransCore ITS, JHA and Image Sensing Systems. The state-of-the-art system improves traffic flow by optimising traffic signal patterns to respond to changing traffic volumes. It features real-time optimisation technology for both over- and under-saturated traffic, Just-in-Time Aimsun microscopic traffic simulation and an operator-in-the-loop as well as autonomous signal operations. ACDSS is currently in operation on Victory Boulevard on Staten Island, and is planned for a large segment of Route 9A in Manhattan.

For more information about ACDSS, take a look at this blog entry, by Wuping Xin, Chief Scientist at KLD Associates.