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Academic Research edition

Research and Teaching with Aimsun Next

Professors, lecturers and postdoc researchers!

Unlock the full power of Aimsun Next mobility modeling software at a fraction of normal commercial prices by subscribing to our Academic Research edition.

Aimsun Next for research

A subscription to our Academic Research edition gives you access to Aimsun Next Expert edition: the only software application that supports the four-step transportation planning process, provides a simulation framework with mesoscopic, microscopic and hybrid travel simulation and includes a rich dynamic traffic assignment toolkit. All of this offered in an easy-to-use, cross-platform package that you can program and extend in countless ways.


Check out the full list of features here.


The Academic Research edition is available as a renewable annual subscription, and you can buy multiple years upfront. Annual subscriptions include software maintenance for the whole year.


For more specialized applications, you can add the following optional extras to your annual subscription:


  • Planning Software Interfaces (EMME and Saturn)
  • Signal Optimization Interface (Sidra)
  • Driving Simulator Interfaces
  • Adaptive Control Interfaces (LISA+, SCATS, SCATS-RMS, Siemens PDM, Siemens UTS System (with SCOOT), UTOPIA, VS-Plus, ETRA, INDRA, SICE, Telvent, and ZGZ Prio)
  • External Agent Interface
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • V2X SDK
  • microSDK

Aimsun Next for teaching in the lab

We include a free subscription to a Classroom edition over the period of your Academic Research edition subscription, so that your students can try out Aimsun modeling software in the lab.


Like the Academic Research edition, the Classroom edition is the Aimsun Next Expert edition but with certain size restrictions.


The Classroom edition in a nutshell:

  • Up to 100 nodes and 200 km of lanes
  • UNRESTRICTED zoning systems, public transport, etc
  • NO time locks or limits on daily simulation time
  • SAVE option, so that students can continue with their work in the next class


1 Academic Research edition subscription = 1 free Classroom edition subscription for 10 users
2 Academic Research edition subscriptions = 1 free Classroom edition subscription for 25 users
3 Academic Research edition subscriptions = 1 free Classroom edition subscription for 50 users
4 Academic Research edition subscriptions = 1 free Classroom edition subscription for 100 users


You can also sign up for additional Classroom edition subscriptions if you want to add more users – just ask us!

Prices and registration: €960 p/a*

Our Academic Research edition subscriptions are very competitively priced, starting from just €960 p/a* or the equivalent in your local currency, at an exchange rate established by Aimsun.


Note that the Academic Research edition is intended for academic research and teaching and may not be used for fee-earning purposes, including certain funded projects: if in doubt, please ask us.


To request your subscription please fill in the form below


*The optional modules are not included in this price, but we offer them at heavily discounted rates when you subscribe to the Academic Research edition.

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