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Student edition

Free traffic modeling software for students!

The Aimsun Next Student edition is completely free to all students currently studying a relevant program at a recognized university.

The Student edition gives students the option to install a special free version of Aimsun Next on their personal computers for homework.


In terms of features, the Student License is the same as the Classroom License, but designed for individual undergraduates to continue to work on university lab projects in their own time.


Features of the Aimsun Next Student edition:


  • Free!
  • Expert edition – all the features of the most powerful edition of Aimsun Next
  • Generous size allowance: model up to 100 intersections and 200 km of lanes
  • Save option enabled
  • 12 months of validity from the delivery date
  • Unrestricted zoning systems, public transport, etc
  • Unlimited daily simulation time


Note that the Student edition is locked to a single computer.


The free Student edition excludes all optional extras, including API, microSDK, External Agent Interfaces and V2X SDK.


These extras are available with the Academic Research or Postgraduate editions.

If you are a thesis or dissertation student looking for a long-term research license with no size limitations and access to all optional extras,  click here.

If you’ve never used Aimsun software and want to take a quick look, try downloading the 30-day Aimsun Next free trial right now.

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