Siemens Mobility announces carve-out of ITS business

Nov 2020: Markus Schlitt and Jan Villwock announced this morning that ITS will be a separate legal entity in the new fiscal year.

June 16, 2020, Siemens Summer Webinar Series

As part of the Siemens ITS Summer Webinar Series, Matthew Juckes demonstrates how adaptable models will be key to understanding how new trip decisions could impact traffic.

Siemens Mobility digitizes traffic in Wiesbaden

Dec 2018: Siemens Mobility to use Aimsun Live for real-time traffic management in Wiesbaden as part of the Green City Plan to cut emissions.

Siemens and Aimsun announce acquisition deal

Intertraffic Amsterdam Daily News, March 2018: In the biggest deal announced at the show, electronics giant Siemens acquired mobility modeling specialist Aimsun for an undisclosed sum.

Siemens acquires Aimsun

Siemens announces at Intertraffic Amsterdam that Aimsun SL will complement the existing Siemens portfolio in the Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) segment. Closing is planned for April 2018.