HumanDrive: Measuring User Comfort in Autonomous Vehicles

Oct 2020: New white paper on the HumanDrive project, helping AVs emulate a more natural, human-like, driving style.

HumanDrive: Traffic modelling reveals potential of connected and autonomous vehicles

HumanDrive blog, Nov 2018: Can CAVs stop accidents and massively increase capacity? Aimsun and Highways England have used traffic modelling to try to find the answers.

HumanDrive autonomous car emulates natural human driving

Aimsun in 30-month Renault-Nissan Alliance Autonomous Vehicle research project, which will culminate in the most complex journey yet attempted across the UK without driver input.

Realer than real: transport models join forces with driving simulators

Automotive Industries (Ai), Nov 2020: As more companies combine their driving simulators with the power of traffic simulation, the quality and realism of testing continues to improve.

Simulating driverless vehicles: the latest model

ITS International Magazine, July 2020: Real world testing for CAVs has its limits. Gavin Jackman explains the key role of virtual testing.