23 May 2013, AITPM Transport Modellers’ Association Launch Night, Melbourne


The launch night, to be held at the DOT Theaterette in Melbourne, will include a special presentation on the recently completed mesoscopic model of the Sydney CBD that is part of the ‘Sydney Light Rail Future’ project. Alexandre Torday will be one of the presenters.

Transport for NSW has recently developed a model of the Sydney CBD to test the impacts of a wide range of projects including the introduction of light rail through the city centre. The model, known as the Sydney CBD Commuter-Aimsun Model, is a joint project in conjunction with GTA Consultants, TSS and Azalient (developers of COMMUTER), in which an innovative modelling platform was developed to enable a multi-layered assessment of the transport operation of the Sydney CBD with regard to overall regional impacts for both general traffic and public transport.

To set up a meeting in advance with Alexandre, please contact us at info@aimsun.com

For further information about this event, please visit the official AITPM launch night website.