4-6 September 2013, EWGT2013 Euro Working Group on Transportation, Porto


At the 16th meeting of the Euro Working Group on Transportation, Aleix Ruiz de Villa will be presenting a paper entitled ‘Static OD estimation minimizing the relative error and the GEH index’. Co-authors of the paper are Jordi Casas – who will also be present at EWGT2013 – Martijn Breen and Josep Perarnau.

Abstract: One of the essential quantities in macroscopic traffic simulation is the ‘who goes where’ OD matrix. This is usually estimated through an optimization problem of minimizing the squared differences between observed and simulated traffic counts. The choice of the mean square error loss is due to its good statistical properties and the fact that the related quadratic optimization problem is easy to deal with. However, in many applications following the recommendations of validation criteria suggested in many guidelines published by different road administrations, such as the FHWA in the USA, the ARRB in Australia or the Highways Agency in the UK, the quality of a static OD adjustment is assessed with other quantities such as the relative error or the GEH index. In this paper we estimate OD matrices minimizing directly the mean GEH or mean relative error.

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