TRB Innovations in Travel Modelling 2012

Alex Gerodimos and Paolo Rinelli will be table-top exhibitors at the 4th edition of the TRB-sponsored conference on Innovations in Travel Modelling (ITM), held in the Hyatt Regency Tampa, Florida from 30th April to 2nd May 2012.

In addition, Matthew Juckes is co-author of a paper to be presented by AECOM at the conference on the use of non-traditional data in simulation model building. This paper dates back to Matthew’s ‘past life’ as a project manager at AECOM! It discusses the methodology used and the results obtained using GPS-derived continuous speed data and data from Bluetooth readers to develop and calibrate a simple simulation model of a section of eastbound I-78 in New Jersey for testing the potential effectiveness of various ramp metering strategies.

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