29 July 2013, Smart Transport Research Centre Jellyfish launch, Brisbane


Alex Torday will be presenting the model export for the Aimsun simulation package at this Jellyfish launch event – the Smart Transport Research Centre (STRC) has developed a single point of truth data management approach for transport and have implemented it in a tool called Jellyfish. The tool aims to support modellers, analysts, planners, and policy makers to access a holistic view of the entire transport network from a macroscopic planning level, down to a microscopic operations level. It is based on STRC’s model-free network standard that describes the transport infrastructure as opposed to storing network parameters in an abstract model.


  • Personalised Network dashboard with real-time information based on roadside measurements and social media feeds
  • Network browser to explore a high detailed multi-modal transport network based on the model-free network coding standard
  • Model export for the Aimsun simulation package (to be extended to more vendors)
  • Network Export for VicRoads’ SmartRoads application
  • Generation of network trend reports through quick view and API

To set up a meeting in advance with Alex, please contact us at info@aimsun.com

For further information, please look at the official event invitation and the STRC website.