24 November 2014, AITPM NSW Transport Modellers Group Workshop, Lavender Bay, NSW

TSS Pty Ltd, is the official venue sponsor for the AITPM workshop on Mesoscopic Applications: Strategic Transport Planning Models, which includes various Aimsun case studies. Alex Torday, managing director of TSS Oty Ltd, will be attending.

Strategic transport planning models are applied all over the world for long‐term forecasts and evaluations of infrastructure projects. Traffic assignment is an important component of these models but current practice is based on traditional static traffic assignment techniques from the 1950s.

Venue: Kirribilli Club, Lavender Room 11 Harbourview Crescent Lavender Bay, NSW, Australia

Professor Michiel Bliemer (Chair in Transport and Logistics Network Modelling, ITLS ) will illustrate the serious limitations of these traditional techniques and the potential for a new generation of traffic assignment models will be demonstrated.

Matthew Jones (Principal Manager BTS, TfNSW) will provide an update on the small area land use forecasts and recent STM upgrades as well as lessons learned from the application of mesoscopic models within Sydney Metropolitan area.

Christopher Zito (Principal Manager Road Network Analysis, RMS) will outline best practice in the development of the Parramatta – Sydney CBD mesoscopic model and opportunities for addressing project needs from reliable base models.

To set up a meeting in advance with Alex, please contact us at info@aimsun.com

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