16-18 November 2016, UK Aimsun Users' Meeting and training course


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We are delighted to invite you to join us for our first ever UK Aimsun Users’ Meeting on Wednesday 16th November. This Users’ Meeting will have a distinctly UK emphasis, with speakers describing Aimsun research and modelling projects in the UK as well as new and upcoming software developments.

The UK AUM will be followed by a two-day ‘Scripting in Aimsun’ training course on 17th & 18th November. Again, the course will include exercises that are specifically relevant to UK users.


1. UK Aimsun Users’ Meeting

2. Training course: Scripting in Aimsun

3. Prices and registration

UK Aimsun Users’ Meeting

Wednesday November 16th
9:30 – 16:10
Museum of London Docklands
No.1 Warehouse
West India Dock Rd
London E14 4AL

4 minutes’ walk from West India Quay DLR Station
10 minutes’ walk from Canary Wharf UndergroundStation
40 minutes from Central London by Riverboat

Programme of Events

Click to open: Final programme of events for the UK Aimsun Users’ Meeting, London 2016

Final programme of events for the UK Aimsun Users' Meeting, London 2016

Training course: Scripting in Aimsun

Update, 3rd November: This training course is now sold out! If you’d like express your interest in attending a similar course in the future, please write to info@aimsun.com.

Thursday November 17th & Friday November 18th
Start/Finish time:9:00 – 17:00
WeWork Moorgate
Room 1D, 1st Floor
1 Fore Street
London EC2Y 9DT

Nearest Underground station: Moorgate.

Tutor: Paolo Rinelli

Scripting in Aimsun is a powerful means of modifying a model, importing or exporting data and calculating and displaying results. This course teaches you how Aimsun scripts can dramatically increase your efficiency.

Note that while the course includes a review of the Python language, you should already be familiar with Python and the concepts of programming.

Schedule: Day 1

Introduction to Python

  • Variables & data types
  • Operations
  • Control flow statements
  • Defining a function

Introduction to scripting in Aimsun

  • Applications
  • Creating a script
  • Executing a script
  • Using the scripting documentation
  • Architecture of the Aimsun platform

    Schedule: Day 2

    Aimsun scripting in practice


    • Error-checking inputs
    • Post-processing outputs
    • Exporting data
    • Editing the model
    • Importing data
    • Running a simulation
    • Customising cost functions

    Prices and registration

    For prices and speaker discounts, please refer to the Registration Form: UK Aimsun Users’ Meeting and training course, London 2016.

    Places are limited so please send the form as soon as possible to info@aimsun.com.

    We look forward to seeing you all in London!

    The 2016 UK Aimsun User Meeting venue: Museum of London Docklands
    Copyright: Museum of London
    UK AUM venue: The Museum of London Docklands  

    UK AUM location  

    The 2016 UK Aimsun User Meeting - traffic modelling in the UK
    Aimsun microsimulation – London 

    Aimsun Modelling autonomous and connected vehicles Modelling autonomous and connected vehicles will be one of the themes under dicussion 

    Aimsun scripting training course location: WeWork Moorgate Aimsun scripting training course location: WeWork Moorgate  

    Aimsun scripting course location  

    Python scripting in Aimsun
    Click to enlarge: Python scripting in Aimsun  

    Registration deadline: 8th November 2016