20 February 2014, FSITE Winter Workshop Traffic Analysis Tools and Specialized Applications, Florida

Murat Ayçin will be attending the 2014 Winter Workshop on Traffic Analysis Tools and Specialized Applications. The workshop will provide an overview of the latest updates for some popular analytical tools in Florida.

New applications and emerging concepts will be discussed, including:

  • Guidance and framework for traffic analysis in FDOT’s upcoming Traffic Analysis Handbook
  • FHWA’s Traffic Analysis Toolbox and upcoming guideline revisions for applying micro-simulation software
  • Updates to 2010 HCS including the incorporation of new HCM chapters on alternative intersections, reliability and managed lanes
  • Active Traffic Management modelling for freeways

To set up a meeting in advance with Murat, please contact us at info@aimsun.com

For further information about the workshop, please click here.