TRB Midyear Meetings and Symposium on Innovations in Traffic Flow Theory, and Highway Capacity and Quality of Service

Matthew Juckes will be giving a presentation on Tuesday June 19th in the first morning session on real-time traffic modelling and network flow prediction as it relates to the San Diego Integrated Corridor Management Initiative on I-15.

The symposium will cover the following topics:

  • Methodological advancements in traffic flow fundamentals that relate to HCM models
  • Calibration/validation of HCM methods
  • Methods for measuring or estimating HCM-defined performance measures
  • The use of additional performance measures that can supplement HCM measures
  • Procedures and tools for evaluating advanced technologies and active traffic management strategies
  • Analysis of congested/breakdown conditions as related to capacity
  • Stochastic Capacity Variation and Travel Time Reliability
  • Interactions between different transportation modes/vehicle types as related to highway capacity
  • Influence of variations in driver behaviours in different countries/regions on capacity

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For further information about this TRB symposium, please visit the official TRB Symposium website