18 November 2013, AITPM Transport Modellers Association (AitpmTMA) South Australian Chapter Launch Night, Adelaide


The newly formed AITPM Transport Modellers Association (Aitpm-TMA) is holding a committee meeting on 18 November in Adelaide for TMA representatives from national AITPM branches.

The committee meeting aims to set the way forward for the Aitpm-TMA on a national basis, followed at 5pm by the Technical Forum launch event for the South Australian chapter of the group, with involvement from across the private, academic and public sectors, including DPTI South Australia.

Alex Torday will be presenting Aimsun’s role in two prestigious modelling projects:

Adelaide City Modelling The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) contracted the University of South Australia and Transport Simulation Systems (TSS) to develop an Aimsun mesoscopic model for metropolitan Adelaide and the City of Adelaide to enable a range of transport policy and planning options to be tested to provide an evidence base for advice to the State Government and the Adelaide City Council. Apart from consolidating the various Aimsun micro-simulation models developed by DPTI over the years into a single mesoscopic level model and a consolidated micro-simulation model, the novelty of the approach used was to develop the mesoscopic model linking the macro/strategic Metropolitan Adelaide Strategic Transport Evaluation Model (MASTEM) suite through the mesoscopic model to the micro-simulation model to form a hybrid meso/micro model.

The model has been used successfully to analyse a number of bus and tram operating models for the City of Adelaide planned in the period 2016 to 2036, and is presently being configured to carry out the detailed concept planning for the next section of the North–South Corridor planned for upgrading in the short to medium term. The end product has vindicated DPTI’s decision to develop a hybrid Aimsun model for its concept planning work as a valuable adjunct to its MASTEM suite, thereby incorporating the ability to properly account for future travel demand in a consistent manner.

Multi-layered modelling of Sydney CBD Transport for NSW has recently completed the Sydney CBD mesoscopic model to test the impacts of a wide range of projects including the introduction of light rail through the city centre. The model was a joint project between GTA Consultants in conjunction with TSS and Azalient (developers of COMMUTER), in which an innovative modelling platform was developed enabling a multi layered assessment of the transport operation of the Sydney CBD having regard to overall regional impacts both for general traffic and public transport usage. The modeling included the development of an area wide Aimsun mesoscopic model with strong interface capabilities with the EMME Sydney Transport Forecasting Model (SFTM) as well as the COMMUTER nanoscopic modelling package. These capabilities enable dynamic simulation which accounts for regional route diversions and provides accurate estimation of traffic demands that form direct input into the COMMUTER model.

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