18 February 2015, Calls for Horizon 2020 – Green vehicles seminar, Paris

Aurore Remy of TSS France will be attending this morning seminar, which will be chaired by Frédéric Sgarbi, DG RTD, European Commission. One of the main topics under discussion will be “Green vehicles” with two open calls for 2015:

  • GV .6-2015: Powertrain control for heavy-duty vehicles with optimised emissions
  • GV.8-2015 . Electric vehicles ‘ enhanced performance and integration into the transportation system and the grid

These calls are due October 15, 2015, for a total budget of € 30 million.

To set up a meeting in advance with Aurore, please contact us at info@aimsun.com

For further information about calls for Horizon 2020, please see the official event page.