Aimsun at TRB 2016

10-14 January 2016, Transportation Research Board (TRB) 95th Annual Meeting

Washington, DC

Stand 431

The following members of the TSS team will be waiting to greet you at stand 431:

  • Alex Gerodimos
  • Jordi Casas
  • David Garcia
  • Paolo Rinelli
  • Karen Giese
  • Matthew Juckes
  • Murat Ayçin
  • Mark Brackstone
  • Tamara Djukic
  • Markos Kladeftiras

TSS activities at TRBAM2016

Session 386: Capacity and Level-of-Service Issues at Intersections, Monday 2-3:45pm
Simulating Turn Cooperation in Roundabouts and Unsignalized Intersections
Erlend Aakre, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Annique Lenorzer, TSS-Transport Simulation Systems
Jordi Casas, TSS-Transport Simulation Systems
Posterboard Location Code: P284

Session 204: Smartphones, Realtime Information, and Travel Behavior, Monday 8-9:45am
Exploratory Analysis of Traveler’s Compliance with Smartphone Personal Route Advice: A Field Trial Amsterdam
Tamara Djukic, TSS-Transport Simulation Systems
Isabel Wilmink, TNO
Eline Jonkers, TNO
Maaike Snelder, Delft University of Technology
Bart van Arem, Delft University of Technology

Below: Images from the 94th TRB AM, January 2015

Aimsun at TRB 2015 Aimsun at TRB 2015 Aimsun at TRB 2015

TSS team members will attend the following committees:

Toward Automation of Surface Transportation Networks: Opportunities and Challenges Workshop. Hot Topic: Transformational Technologies, Operations and Traffic Management, 9-12am Sunday

Freeway Simulation Subcommittee, AHB20, Operations and Traffic Management(2), 8-9:30am Sunday

Active Traffic Management Subcommittee AHB40(1.4), Operations and Traffic Management, 9:30-11am Sunday

Transportation System Simulation Manual 1:30-4:30pm Sunday

Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee, Operations and Traffic Management, 8-12am Monday

Simulation of Traffic Signal Systems Subcommittee, AHB25(3), Operations and Traffic Management, Monday 8-9am

Task Force on System Simulation (the official task force for the Transportation System Simulation Manual) 1:30-5:30pm Monday

Traffic Simulation Models Joint Subcommittee (SimSub) 7:30-10pm Monday

Network Models in Practice Subcommittee , ADB30(4), Data and Information Technology, Planning and Forecasting, 10:15-12pm Tuesday

Vehicle-Highway Automation Committee 1:30-5:30pm Tuesday

Transit, Freight, and Logistics Modeling Subcommittee, ADB30(1), Freight Transportation, Planning and Forecasting, Public Transportation, 1:30-3:15pm Tuesday

Pedestrian Modeling and Simulation Subcommittee, ANF10(2), Pedestrians and Bicyclists, 10:15-12pm Wednesday

Transportation Network Modeling Committee, Data and Information Technology, Planning and Forecasting, Public Transportation, 8am-12pm Wednesday

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