May 27-31, 2024

Aimsun Next Training Course, Core Skills

These 5 days of training cover all the skills you’ll need for using all editions of Aimsun Next.


    This is an Online Course in English


  Time: From 10:00h to 14:00h (Australian Eastern Standard Time )


   Platform: We use Microsoft Teams for most of our online classes. If you have a software or security issue, please let us know and we will accommodate your needs.

$1.700,00 Excl. Taxes

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Course Description

Core Skills


Our most popular training course, this is a thorough introduction to the fundamentals of building a model in Aimsun Next, with a focus on simulation at the microscopic level.


This course will take you all the way through the workflow of a typical project, from editing to traffic management, scenarios, outputs and calibration. There are hands-on exercises every step of the way to make sure you have mastered the basic concepts and you should finish this course ready to start experimenting with Aimsun Next software.


Day 1

Editing exercises


Signal plans

Public transport

Traffic demand


Day 2

Managing scenarios

Dynamic scenarios, experiments and replications

Attribute overrides and geometry configurations


Day 3


Output calculation

Time series, thematic maps

Scenario comparison


Dynamic traffic assignment

Cost functions

Stochastic route choice algorithm and parameters

Dynamic user equilibrium algorithm and parameters

Combining paths


Day 4

Dynamic traffic assignment

Analysing Path Assignment Outputs

Microscopic network loading

Microscopic vehicle behavior


Day 5

Microscopic network loading

Calibration of a microscopic model

Traffic management

Traffic management actions

Modeling incidents and mitigation strategies

Modeling turn restrictions, reversible lanes, and other scheduled events

6 in stock

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